• The Old Queens Head, Angel (map)
  • 44 Essex Road
  • N1 8LN
  • United Kingdom

Old Queens Head - Godmutha to our eARmusic nights and longest standing venue! Awesome decor and menus, but PA and house soundies above and beyond.

This being one of our Hellobands launch nights, if you've arrived at this page through an artist profile or through a link that they've shared with you, that artist will receive 100% of the proceeds when you buy a ticket from this page. 100% of on-the-night door sale proceeds will be donated to Nordoff Robbins, or a charity of the artist's choice.

Generally acoustic shaped bands creep into the line up, as do the occasional amp or synth towards the back end of the bill, though nothing that'll blast you too far out of your booth, mid kick ass burger chow.

20:00 - Lorne
20:45 - Ferris & Sylvester
22:15 - Wheels